Credit can lead to debt, and debt can be your downfall. Don't let credit be your downfall.

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It's so tempting to fall prey to the evils of credit. And credit is everywhere. There's the fun kind--department store credit--that gives you discounts for applying for a card and sometimes promises coupons on a regular basis or other preferential treatment to cardholders. The other "fun" kind of credit are the biggies--MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. You can buy almost anything with these. You aren't restricted to the goods and services of just one store. There's also the kind of credit you need to buy a house or a car--the kind on your credit report. Fun credit is okay if you use it wisely, but it's also easy to let things slip out of your control. Fun credit that's out of control can ruin the credit on your credit report, and that can ruin your chances of ever having a house or planning for your future.

Regaining Credit Control

If you feel that you're starting to lose the firm grip you had on your credit, turn to credit counseling. You may just need a little information about how to budget or how to watch your spending, and a lesson or two about how to use credit wisely. Almost anyone can benefit from this. However, if your credit problems are a little more serious, the credit counselor might suggest a debt management program such as debt consolidation, debt settlement, a debt consolidation loan or mortgage, or student loan debt consolidation. The type of program they suggest depends on the kind of debt you have and the resources available to you. They can help you regain control of your credit and teach you to never lose that grip again. That way you can start saving for a house or your child's college or your own retirement!

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